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My Friday: The Birth of Impressionism exhibit with Raquelita, at the De Young. Conclusion: I love the way the Impressionists handled paint, but I'm still a Symbolist girl at heart. If only they'd imported Delville from the Musée d'Orsay instead of Renoir! As it was, the two Symbolist painters represented, Doré and Moreau, held my attention in a way that the more literal Impressionists failed to do. It may have something to do with being a science fiction girl. Moreau's Galatea, Doré's Enigma: these are two rich, speculative works. Enigma even seems to feature a future city in the background. I've checked. . . no online reproduction captures the dramatic lighting (Doré) or the intricate detail (Moreau.)

In the pre-Impressionist vein, Bouguereau's Birth of Venus was baroque enough to entertain me, perhaps because of its anatomically incorrect dolphins (rococco dolphins have a peculiar anatomy not designed by mother nature.) And then there was, of course, Monet's monumental "Turkeys," which holds the distinction of being the single largest painting I've ever seen, depicting turkeys.

Yes! Yes they are turkeys! We celebrate turkeys!

This was followed by a long talk with emotional genius Lyn Prashant, which was then followed by a contemplative stroll in the SF park. . . a little loopy side-trail that appealed to me. The orange lilies were putting on quite a show, and the fog was gusting through the enormous eucalyptus trees in typical San Francisco fashion. I've missed the outdoors, living in Oakland, and am quite pleased with my discovery of the local Lake Temescal.

Saturday, decompression. Then, on Sunday, Spanish brunch at Sarita's. Monday? A me-day. I don't usually get my two days off per month in succession, but this is a nice post-deadline break.

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